Pilar Jiménez - P.Suzume

Illustrator, Graphic designer and Concept artist (character design).
Sometimes I do crafts


about me

Hi! I'm Pilar (you may know me as Suzume, too). I'm an illustrator, graphic designer and character designer from Madrid, Spain. Sometimes I do crafts too!!I've studied illustration and graphic design (including motion graphics and web design). I was drawing and illustration teacher for several years and now I work as freelancer for several projects such as private commissions, game jams or brand design.I love to share my work process on Twitch, where I've been creating content since 2018. On my channel I teach and comment my drawings and crafts and spend some time chatting with viewers.As I said, parallel to my main illustration and design work, I make crafts with polymer clay and epoxy, this includes figures, boxes, mechanical keycaps...If you're interested in working with me, you can email me to psuzumeartist@gmail.com

Skills and Experiencie

If you want to know me better, check my CV, with (almost) everything I've do so far.


IllustrationCharacter DesignClip Studio PaintProcreate
Graphic DesignPackaging DesignPhotoshopIllustrator
Motion GraphicsWeb DesignIndesignFigma
Packaging DesignDrafting (writting)After EffectsPremiere
HTML/CSSEditorial Layout  

Work Experience

  • Freelance Graphic Designer - (Oct. 2021 - Now)

  • Freelance Illustrator, Concept Artist and Character Designer - (Oct. 2015 - Now). This includes the management of online content, store and social networks associated with my professional profile.

  • Art streamer, focused on teaching the artistic process and how the work of a freelance illustrator and designer is like. - (Mar. 2018-Now)

  • Icon designs for "Las Sword Miniatures" web

  • Logo design for "The Bugs Manor" game (Oct. 2023)

  • Manga drawing teacher - Academia C10 (Jul. 2021)

  • Illustration and concept art teacher - TechTalents S.L (Oct. 2019 - Jun.2020)

  • Digital Illustration Teacher- Tritoma S.L (Oct. 2017- Mar. 2018)

  • Journalist on several online media (2010-2016)


  • Graphic Design Degree - ArteDiez (2021-2023) - Candidate for the Extraordinary Awards of Plastic Arts and Design of Madrid

  • TB Choi's Illustration Workshop - La Galería Roja (2020)

  • Online courses to improve in different creative areas

  • First Certificate in English (B2) - Cambridge (2018)

  • Blender: Modelling and Texturing - Udemy (2017)

  • Illustration - ESDIP (2014-2017)

  • Childern's Illustration workshop - ESDIP (2015)

  • Jounalism Degree - Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2010-2014)

Projects and other experiencie

  • Art director, concept artist, final artist and UX/UI designer for "NumeriCapy" game made for "Numerica Game Jam - Itch.io ( Aug. 2022)

  • "De setas y muelas" artbook. All the illustrations, layout and texts of the book have been made by me (May 2023)

  • Twitch Channel dedicated to art talks and art teaching (Mar. 2018 - Now)

  • Art director, concept artist and final artist for "Maddi" game (as part of Untiteled GameDev Group) made for "Thinky games are for everyone" Game Jam - Itch.io ( Dec. 2022)

  • Exhibition "Women in comics" (La mujer en el cómic) - With the illustration "Ramona Flowers" - ESDIP (May 2017- Jun. 2017)

  • Game Jam - Lightbox Academy (Jun. 2018)



I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, but it was in 2014 when I decided to become a professional. Since then I can't imagine a day without drawing something.Here you got some examples of my work, you can click on images to see them full size, some of them are part of bigger projects that will open by clicking in them.


Graphic Design

In 2021 I decided that I wanted to broaden my horizons and learn new skills. That's when I started learning Graphic Design, including here motion graphics, web design and printing knowledge.


Contact me!!

If you want to work with me or asking me anything, or just telling me something cool, you can fill this form and I'll read it ^^


Fighters Project

I have designed a group of fighters adn several alternative skins for them. From left to right:
-Goliath: Little but strong, she usually uses strong words and is very aggresive
-Scarecrow: Imposing and serious.
-Mech: Little and fast.
-Enn: pacific and quiet, she prefers to fight in the distance
Click on images to see them full size


Adventurers Project

I’ve been creating this group of adventurers for a while. They are heroines, beast hunters and explorers. They love each other very much, they care for, support and protect each other.From left to right:
-Matilda, druid, and her dead sister Amanita (the hand)
-Yenna, beast hunter
-Sarah, She thinks she's a bard, but she truly is a barbarian
-Dina, paladin
Click on images to see them full size


Ole tus patitas

Design of elements for the animal feed store "Ole tus patitas".The client wanted a cute design, based on their dog and cat mixed with other animal paws. They asked me for an illustrated design, with a funny result.Click on images to see them full size



Corporate image development for the hypothetical "Anjana" restaurant, inspired by sustainable and ecological cuisine and the Cantabrian tradition.I opted for a hand drawn logo to represent the idea of nature and freedom. The orange and turquoise colors give a lot of power to the corporate image, also adding that modern and casual touch that was sought for "Anjana".The logo has calculated measurements and the colors an exact pantone. Everything was collected in its own corporate manual, although I have selected the most outstanding applications of all the work to show them here.Click on images to see them full size


Comic Museum Design

Image development for an hypothetical comic museum.Click on images to see them full size


"De setas y muelas" artbook

Art book that brings together all my work from 2018 (approx) to the present.Each page is full of love and work, with texts where I tell how my work process is, my inspirations and motivations or small texts about what it means to work as illustrator.I also wanted to create special extras to give with the pre-sale of the first edition of the bookClick on images to see them full size


Twitch elements for my channel

I wanted to make a graphic look that matches with my personality, so I decided to make fungi elements with purple and pink colors.


Twitch elements for Ainhoa Husky

Ainhoa contacted with me in order to make all her new Twitch image. This includes avatars, overlays, transitions...


Motion Graphics

Some examples of Motion Graphic pieces I've done


Edicion Deluxe

Corporate image development for "Edición Deluxe" Newsletter.Click on images to see them full size


Zaunka logo

Logo design for Zaunka
Click on images to see them full size